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Nigerian Food Recipes Android - Free Download Nigerian Food ...

Top 20 trending questions on Google Search Nigeria over the last 30 days are said to be dominated by food and current affairs questions.

For some days now, reports say the top trending search term on Google Nigeria tends to focus on food.

Nigeria, like many other nations, has gradually eased off the implemented lock-downs in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Owing to the lockdown, many were forced to stay at home, and because of not being to go out to usual work, many people across the world, including Nigerians, resorted to cooking and baking as ways to pass the time – and keep themselves fed in the absence of restaurants and other vendors.

Top ten trending food questions:

  1. How to make bread
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_3871-1.jpg
  1. How to make pancakes with flour
Nigerian Pancake Recipe: How to Make Nigerian Pancake
  1. How to make chinchin
  1. How to make fish roll
  1. How to make egg roll
  1. How to make pizza
  1. How to prepare vegetable soup
  1. How to make cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe - Preppy Kitchen
  1. How to make Akara
How To Make Nigeria's Popular Breakfast Food Akara - Bean Fritters ...
  1. How to make Egusi soup
A beautiful pot of Egusi soup! [proudly Nigerian]

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