Also readily described as white moi moi, Ofuloju is a Yoruba native food made from beans. The beans is usually white or any other type.

Some call this special delicacy  ekuru.

It looks so much like the popular beans cake called moi-moi,  but slight differences distinguish ofuloju from moi-moi.

Unlike moi-moi where all ingredients like pepper, salt, seasoning, fish, oil, etc are directly added to be blended with the washed beans or added while stirring the blended beans, ofuloju does not require any ingredients aside from the beans and water.  You just blend and wrap it with leaves, then steam until it is set. Unwrap and the food is ready.

Ofuloju being a food made from beans is nutritious in protein and vital nutrients.

The delicacy is usually eaten with eko, that is, steamed (pap).

Little wonder many lovers of this protein-enriched food describe it in Yoruba parlance as pap’s best friend, that is, (Ofuloju ore eko).

Let’s see how to relish this meal in the Gourmet Guide234 Kitchen.



.  2 cups of Beans

.  A mix of chilli, redbell and albernoro Peppers

1 big ball of Onion s[liced]

1 cup of Locust Beans

Salt and seasoning  to  taste  [optional]

1 cup ponmo or tender [goatmeat boiled]

3 tablespoons Crayfish

1 whole stock fish

1  cup offals [shaki, edo, fuku]]

1 cooking spoon of Red Oil

Water for mixing

A big bunch of Leaves for wrapping the paste 


  • Pour the  beans into a bowl and wash as if the the beans will be used for moin-moin.
  • After washing, soak the beans in water for a while, at least for five to ten minute.
  • It is important to note that although the soaking is not really needed, yet it aids the blending.
  • Blend the beans, and add little or no water when blending. 
  • After blending, mix into a bowl vigorously and continuously in one direction until the mixture becomes fluffy.
  • Do not add salt or pepper before or after blending the beans.\
  • Put the fluffy mixture in a bit into the moi moi or banana leaves and wrap.
  • If using moimoi or banana leaves, make sure the stems of the leaves and a few leaves are put into pot that contains little water.
  • The leaves have to be at the base before arranging the wrapped leaves into the pot.
  • Cook for 25-30 minutes or until the food is set
  • The ofuloju is ready!
  • For the OFULOJU STEW, you can use the same regular method of preparing ofada  stew to get the stew ready.
  • Serve alongside the unwrapped ofuloju and eat warm.
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