Wood Buffalo Food Bank Association

Wood Buffalo Food Bank – Fort McMurray

The Wood Buffalo Food Bank Association is reportedly running its first full food drive in two years, as the Corona Virus Pandemic restrictions eases off gradually and the need for donations increases.

The food bank, located in Fort McMurray, hands out about 600 hampers and serves about 30 to 40 new clients every month.

Executive Director Dan Edwards. however observed that the donations are a bit low.

The food drive, which runs from November 25 until 28, is expected to bring an influx of cash and food.

The food drive will be set up as normal, with a truck outside the grocery store and a group of cohort volunteers asking for and collecting donations.

The food bank, which is working with Alberta Health Services to make sure the event is run safely is The goal is to raise $300,000 and collect 80,000 pounds of food.

The food bank ran a food drive last year, but the volunteers didn’t talk to people or hand out lists of needed items. As a result, the food drive only collected 8,000 pounds of food. 

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