World Food Day 2022

World Food Day is celebrated every year across the world on 16th October.

The theme for this year 2022 is “Leave no one behind”

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) designated 16 October as a special day and this has been on as a World Food Day since 1979 and up until now.

Since, there is no looking back at the annual celebration, The Food and Agricultural Organization has however noted that in recent decades, many people have changed their eating habits and diets due to urbanization, globalization and the rise of disposable income.

WFD celebrations come in different ways. Some choose to organize events to promote worldwide awareness about food and the need to eat well.

Others however choose to push out actions that will help the plight of those who suffer from hunger and malnutrition.

But ultimately, there is a dire need to ensure food security and nutritious diets for all across different countries of the world.

The focus of the day stresses the need to see  food as a basic and fundamental human right that the world cannot neglect or sweep under the carpet.

Gourmet Guide234 Kitchen has however celebrated the annual World Food Day the Nigerian way for close to ten years now, since the year 2013. In fact, this is the 9th edition in this year of our Lord 2022.

Get ready to be a part of this celebration come Saturday, October 22, 2020.

However, some of the old pictures popped up in the food gallery and the unforgettable memories of the highlight of the events since 2013 suddenly flashed across my mind.

It is inspiring to note that all these happened consecutively for 9 editions now, except 2020, because of the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Get ready to be a part of this year’s celebration.

The theme for The World Food Day 2022 is Leave No One Behind , with the objective of actions to make sustainable and healthy diets affordable and available to all.

Like every year, the World Food Day will be celebrated the Nigerian way on the 22nd of October , which falls on a Saturday. The theme for Gourmet Guide234 is TEACH THEM EARLY: USING FOOD/AGRO IN SCHOOLS TO SOLVE FOOD CHALLENGES IN NIGERIA.

Venue of the event is Unilag Chapel Hall, University of Lagos.

Take a look at previous editions ….

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