Rice production in Lagos

Rice produced from the Lagos State-owned 32-metric tonnes per hour Imota Rice Mill in Ikorodu has now hit the market, with the listing of the commodity for trade in Lagos Commodities and Futures Exchange (LCFE).

This was followed by a formal launch of the 5 billion naira Eko Rice Forward Contract Programme by the Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu at the floor of the commodities exchange market, UAC Building in Marina, on Wednesday, marking a significant milestone in the State Government’s efforts to promote agriculture and enhance food security in Lagos.

The Forward Contract, is a joint initiative of the Government-owned Lagos State Rice Company (LASRICO) and Commodities Tradenet Limited.

It is the first series of the N30 billion Private Commodity Notes Issuance Programme facilitated by the Lagos State Government to ensure undisrupted paddy supply, and enhance quality management, transaction efficiency and transparency.

Forward Contract for Eko Rice became the first to be listed and traded in Nigeria’s commodities exchange ecosystem.

The private listing of the Lagos rice excited commodity brokers, farmers and investors in the commodities market, as the first 5,000 contracts issued on the exchange floor were traded at the value of N195 million. 

The offer for 50kg of Eko Rice opened on June 13 at the rate of N33,000 per Note, with the commodity being expected to be traded till next Monday, June 26, 2023. The tenor of the Note is 60 days.

Commodity brokers said the encouraging performance recorded by Eko Rice at first trading in the Commodities Exchange was due to its well-cleaned grains and high-grade texture, which positioned the crop for fair competition with imported rice in the market.

Eko Rice is laboratory-tested to have less than 2 per cent impurity and 14 per cent moisture content.

Sanwo-Olu said the Eko Rice Contract Programme was a game-changer launched with the objective to make Lagos a hub for agricultural production and processing in the country.

Rice, the Governor noted, is a regular staple consumed by over 80 per cent of Lagos population, stressing that the Forward Contract was a key goal in the food security plan of the Government to guarantee the availability of the commodity at affordable prices.


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