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kulu – kuli… proudly Nigerian!

Kuli-kuli is a crunchy Hausa snack that is primarily made from peanuts otherwise known as groundnuts.

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A new food craze sweeping restaurants from London to California serves food only in bowls. Bowl food just “tastes better” says the fans. Could there be method in this madness?

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New data says Britons drink less tea and eat more junk food!

A new data has revealed that Britons drink less tea and eat more junk food!

According to the data, the traditional cuppa is in decline while the slice of toast is on the way out. But junk food is said to still be  increasing in popularity.

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Dutch government announced plans to ban export of kosher and halal meat!

The Dutch government has announced plans to ban the export of kosher and halal meat .

This according to the government is geared towards  effort to reduce the amount of animals killed through “ritual” slaughter as well as to minimise suffering.

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Denmark opens first food waste supermarket!

A charity has reportedly opened Denmark’s first ever food surplus supermarket. The store in capital city Copenhagen called Wefood will sell produce at prices 30 to 50 per cent cheaper than normal supermarkets.

This is according to

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Planting Season in Nigeria!

The Nigerian Agricultural Seed Council has warned against purchase and planting of seeds without the council’s approval.

This is according to the council which said  no foreign seed would be allowed into Nigeria without due process.

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Orange mania!

Orange is an edible fruit that belongs to the citrus family like grapes, lime, lemon, tangerine and others.

Enriched with vitamin c, it contains essential oils and other by-products like candid peels, pectin and stock feeds.

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achara soup

This soup is common amongst South Eastern Abia and Imo soup lovers.

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Okazi leaves are hard  unique vegetables botanically  known as Gnetum Africanum. They  are found and massively grown in some parts of Nigerian Eastern States and some parts of Cameroon.  But virtually every food market in the country can boost of this vegetables.

This  is because these vegetables apart from from being  enriched with rich nutrients, cannot be ignored when preparing  the lovely Efik – Afang soups and of course some varieties of Eastern Egusi soups and  Okazi or Ukazi soups.

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Organic Farming in Tunisia!

Organic farming is said to be on the rise in Tunisia.

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